Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Cleaning: The Oven

Last time I did a spring cleaning project, I tackled the downstairs windows. This time, I tackled the oven.  Did you know that you are able to take the oven door apart to be able to clean between the panes of glass?  Somehow, there was a lot of dirt, smudges, and crumbs (yes, crumbs) that just could not be removed no matter how much I scrubbed.  Well, duh... I couldn't get to it!  So while the husband and kids were outside playing, I decided I could tackle this project really quick.

I just started by locating the screws on the inside of the door and just going for it.

Things started to fall apart rather quickly once I took the screws out.  There were 6 total.  The whole front of the door was able to be lifted right out to be able to clean both sides of the glass now!

I was able to get some serious scrubbing accomplished once I figured out how the glass was able to be slid out.  I'm not going to lie, I was sweating quite a bit dealing with these panes of glass.  I can only imagine how expensive they would be to replace...

Funny enough, Bryan walked in just as I was starting to put things back together again.  He kind of chucked at the sight of me trying to balance the doors, glass, screws, & screw driver.  He was nice enough to lend a hand with the final maneuvers.

We managed to get everything squeaky clean but not without a minor casualty.  I filleted my finger on a piece of metal trying to get the screw holes to align again.  If you ask me, it was totally worth it.

Ah, and the finished product.  Sometimes it's the small things that are easy enough to over look but can make such a difference in how you feel about your kitchen.

Does anybody else have this spring fever bug?  There are so many more "nesting" projects I'd like to tackle in the next few weeks.  I'll be sure to keep you updated!


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