Friday, March 8, 2013

Laundry to Pantry

I have to tell you about my favorite room in the house.  If you've been reading this blog, you'd assume I would say that it was our new bathroom.  I do enjoy having that room finished.  However, there's something that's more dear to my heart.  Our pantry.  

This room used to be the laundry room.  It was hardly large enough for a stackable washer & dryer, utility sink, and some shelves above the sink.  Sorting and folding laundry had to be done in the kitchen which wasn't my favorite thing in the world since I like to spread out.

This is a picture I found from right after we moved into the house.  Changing this room was one of our first big projects we tackled.

Here's how it looks now!

And here's an "under" shot of the shelves so you can see the brackets we used and the spacing of them.  We placed them all on studs for maximum support.

I'm sure almost everyone has seen this shoe organizer used in a pantry on pinterest, but this is what we use ours for.  All of the small stuff that would get lost on shelves or in baskets, otherwise.

This room makes so much more sense to us as a walk-in pantry.  It is truly something that bring joy to my life and keeps our family running.  Hope you enjoyed seeing this room make-over!


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