Thursday, May 15, 2014

[Scrap Lumber] Daddy Countdown

AH!  We've all been soaking in every spare moment we've had to spend time with the guy who lives here with the kids and I... you know, my husband!!  He's home from another deployment and we couldn't be more excited.  We are so beyond fortunate that his deployments are really short compared to so many other people serving overseas.  There are so many families that count down months instead of days until their loved one returns.  Bryan was gone 38 days this time around.  I'm not sure how long that feels for an (almost) 4 year old and an (almost) 2 year old... but I do know that our little lady loved being able to countdown until daddy's return!

Oh man! Does this countdown look familiar?  Eek... I've been caught.  It's actually the same exact countdown I have been using for our countdown until baby #3 arrives!  I just used the other side of the bottom block to make our daddy count down!  By the way, we're down to just 32 days until baby!

Sunday, May 4, 2014


If you know me at all outside of the internet... you know, like in real life.  You'd know I don't dabble with social media... at all (unless Pinterest counts!!).  This blog has forced my hand a little to try to be more "involved".  I can't say I enjoy it, but I think it's really important for making sure the people who like to follow your blog are able to easily see when you make a new post!  I recently discovered BlogLovin' and it's a great tool to read all of the blogs you would normally read anyway all in one place!

I joined, people!  So now, you can follow Nearly Handmade on BlogLovin'!  If you have a blog, I'd highly recommend joining!  (It's free) and a great way to stay connected to your readers and to other blogs!


Friday, May 2, 2014

Mr. Man's Big Boy Room [ideas]

Our youngest needs to move out of the nursery.  And soon!  Although, in reality... Baby #3 would never know it spent the first several weeks without having an official room.  So, while I'm anxious to get his room started (& finished), I know everything will fall into place eventually.

Since my husband is a very visual person, I'm hoping that by putting all of my ideas in one spot, it will help him see what I'm envisioning for his big boy room!

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Truthfully, this kinda looks like a hodgepodge mess... But it looks so beautiful in my head.  I'd like for there to be planes, trains, and cars "tastefully" incorporated without being run over by them as soon as you enter the room.

I'm also really loving the industrial shelving & beds!  My husband and I really enjoy building things but have never ventured into the world of furniture made out of pipes!

The last thing I'll mention here is the dresser (#3 above).  It's actually sold as a piece for your kitchen from Ikea.  Surprisingly, it is so much more sturdy than any dressers they sell and the drawers are nice and roomy!  I really like the natural color of the wood, but it would be so easy to stain it darker or even paint it a bold color!  Unfortunately, my mom and I were just there and I chickened out... I've been kicking myself ever since.  Looks like another Ikea trip may just have to happen!

To see more of what tickles my fancy, check out this entire Pinterest Board I made for his room ideas.

Enjoy your weekend, friends!


Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Scrap Lumber] Baby Countdown

Holy Smokes, Guys!!  49 Days until this baby's due date!  Well, by the time you're reading this, we're down to 46 days... is that possible?  Wait, let me count again... Oh, crap.  Well, it would be 46 days if I've ever made it to my due date (which I haven't)... 7 days early with our first kiddo & 10 days early with our second... Every pregnancy is different, though.  Maybe this one will decide to stay longer and give me an extra week to prepare?!  Either way, NEXT MONTH we'll add a third little mouth to feed to our family and we couldn't be more excited!!