Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Mini Chairs

We have some of the sweetest neighbors we could have ever asked for.  Not only do they look out for us, our kids, and our dogs, they are just genuinely good people.

Well, last night we got surprised by these two little purple chairs for the kiddos!  They are just perfect for the kitchen set.  I am so excited to give them a little spray paint and new fabric for the seat cushions!

Miss E had a friend come to play a few weeks ago.  Her friend was super excited to play with the kitchen but was curious to where the chairs were!  Sheesh!  I think she was right!  We didn't even realize how perfect a set of chairs would be for this set.  Ever since then, Miss E has been asking about chairs and pulling up dining room chairs to use with the play set.  The dining room chairs are higher than the table though so it's just uncomfortable.

Yay for perfect timing & thoughtful neighbors.  We are truly lucky.

I'll be sure to keep you updated with what I end up doing with them.  I'm thinking something bright and cheery.  I'm so thankful for these cute little chairs.  I know the little ones will just love them!


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