Monday, March 4, 2013

Bathroom Renovation: Part Five

When we left off last, we were in a rush to get the tiling done so the shower glass could be installed.  I'm happy to say that we met our deadline.  You can see that there is still some tile that needs to be done.  We had to leave that unfinished so the glass could be set down into the groove of the granite.

Here are the finishing tiles! And a new exhaust fan!

Spacers removed, grouting done!

Time for primer.  We love Behr's paint & primer in one.  (And it will be what we end up using on the walls.) However, since we had brand new dry wall on the far wall, we wanted to be sure it took the paint properly and had a consistent application throughout the bathroom.

We took out the builder-grade vanity to refinish it. We removed the pedestal and added furniture feet instead.  We also painted it, had granite installed, and added handles.

Here are the drawers after I lined them with contact paper.

Paint decisions.  I thought Bryan and I decided on a color together.  He must have thought we decided on a different color though.  When he came home from work, he came home with the 3rd color down on the strip.  It was so dark.  We ended up stirring in some extra white paint we had as well as some very light blue paint that we had left over from painting the master bedroom.  Everything in this bathroom was custom.  Even the paint color, now.  It all worked out in the end :)

Finally getting the color on the walls!

More painting, toilet installation, and putting two corner shelves in the shower.

The end is near! I'm looking forward to finally sharing the big reveal!


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