Monday, March 18, 2013

My St. Patrick's Day Birthday

My great birthday weekend started by getting my driver license renewed.  Happy Birthday to me!  Everybody's favorite gift. Am I right?!  Fortunately, the whole process went very quickly and it was over before I knew it.

Friday was very unexpected!  My husband arranged for our very good friends, Natalie and Craig to come over and surprise me.  Natalie took me out to get a pedicure (so very needed).  We had a little champagne and some great girl time.  It was so nice to get away from the house and kids for a couple hours.  Did I mention that Craig and my husband, Bryan, looked after the little ones while we were out?  When we got home, they were putting the finishing touches on the cheese fondue and the chocolate fondue for dessert.  I could just squeeze their cheeks!  How thoughtful, right?  I'm ashamed to say neither of us documented any of the evening... 

Sunday my family had a big "Irish" dinner of corned beef, cabbage, veggies, rolls, and a salad.  Papa (my grandfather) always does such a wonderful job.  We all left with belly aches from eating far too much.  

My handmade card from the hubby.  He has the key to my heart.

I've mentioned my mom (the original Martha) around the blog a few times now.  Well, she didn't disappoint for my birthday this year.  I was so blown away from this project that I hardly know what to say.  Not only was it thoughtful and creative, it looks so stinkin' cute!!  She took a square canvas and cut out a ton of little shamrocks.  She mentioned seeing it done with flowers originally.  But this craft could be done with any little shape.  I was thinking umbrellas would be adorable for Spring!  Pine trees for Christmas, Fall leaves for... Fall.  Then, as you can see, she took tiny brads to attach them straight through the canvas.

In addition to the professional pedicure that my good friend Natalie treated me to, my other very good friend, Amarae, sent an entire manicure set to me!  Haha do you think my friends are giving me a hint!?   Aren't those colors amazing?!  I am so ready for spring!

Have you been pampering yourself lately or allowed yourself to get pampered?  It's such a rare treat.  How about gifts? Have you considered making a handmade gift to give someone?  I know they are my favorite!


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