Saturday, March 2, 2013

Bathroom Renovation: Part Four

Tile Laying.  "It's not incredibly difficult.  Just time consuming."  This is what were were told when we took a class on tiling.  It's true.  It's not a difficult process.  You just have to be patient, but work quickly.  You have to pay attention to details, but realize that tiling is not a perfect process.  There will be areas that you (and only you) notice when you walk into the room.  There will probably be slivers of tile.  But you just have to try to plan to have those hidden.  Like in our case, we put them all under the vanity.  The other piece of advice we received was to spend the majority of your time blueprinting and planning out the tile laying job.  I think we laid this floor 3 different ways (25 times) until we finally decided on how it is today.

There were so many instances where we doubted ourselves... sweat dripping down (post-partum tears in some of our eyes).  But at the end of the day, we made it work!

Ok, to be honest, I didn't believe that it was going to work until after we grouted.  All of our little mistakes just melted away after grouting. It's a dirty floor still, but there wasn't much sense in deep cleaning it since the to-do list with this bathroom was still growing.

Back to work.  We were officially on a deadline.  We ordered the glass for the shower and we needed to get this tiling done before we could have it installed.  The shower floor is now done (you just can't see it in this picture.) We also installed granite on the shower curbs.

The granite is amazing.  We had our granite person cut a notch in it so that the glass would be able to sit down into the granite without a metal track.

We used boards to keep the wall tiles from sagging and to allow for the correct spacing for the decorative glass tiles.

The bottom row of glass tiles are at the same height as the strip that goes around the tub.  This was to keep a continuous flow for the eye to connect the two spaces.
I'd also like for you to notice that it's pitch black outside.  Unfortunately, that was usually the only time we were able to work on this bathroom since we have that "helpful" toddler and incredibly needy & adorable infant.  I'm really hoping the picture quality for future projects will be a little more of a priority.

Next time I'll show you all of the finishing touches before the final reveal! Have a wonderful weekend!


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