Monday, March 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning: The Windows

It was nearly 70 yesterday in Ohio.  It was such a welcomed relief from the snow, ice, and cold that occurred last weekend.  Even with the high temperatures, there's still patches of snow on the ground.  Just a little reminder that, yes... It's still March.

There's something about opening the windows that makes me anxious for the warm weather.  It also makes me want to start purging everything in the house and start fresh. When I went to open the windows I noticed how hazy they were. (Truthfully, this is something I've noticed for months I just chose to ignore it.)  I couldn't let the thick film of dirt go on any longer, though.  This mundane task needed checked off the list.

Thankfully, we have double-hung windows so once I developed a system, it really was a breeze to wash them inside & out.  I truly believe the culprit to all of the grime was the tiling we did for the master bathroom.  The wet saw kicked up so much filth into the air.  Having a very snowy winter probably didn't help either.

I was able to clean all of the downstairs windows, inside & out, during nap time.  16 total.  I have another 9 to tackle another day that are upstairs.

Another thing that's begging to get done around the house is touching up paint on the walls and the baseboards.  I'm really looking forward to a day soon where I can wipe them all down and give things a fresh touch up.

I really like this list from First Home Love Life
Are there things on your spring cleaning list that you were able to check-off over the weekend?  Have you found a list that you like to follow?  


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