Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Adding a Favicon to your Blog

I'm definitely learning as I go with this blog.  Slowly, I'm picking up little things to make the blog better and tiny things that I would probably ever notice.  My latest update was making a Favicon.  A Favicon is that little image that pops up next to a web address in the address bar or in your bookmarks.

If you have a blog through Blogger, this is a very simple update to make your blog look more polished!  First, go to your Layouts page.  See the box that say's "Favicon"?  Click Edit.

You can use any image you'd like as long as it's square and under 100kb.  My favorite site to edit any pictures or make any graphics is PicMonkey.  In order to a simple logo like mine, you'll need to start by uploading any picture you have on your computer.  Click: Edit Photo.  Then, you'll want to add a geographic overlay.  You can do that by clicking the button marked with an arrow.

Once you have found the geometric overlays, just find a rectangle and expand it to cover the entire picture.  You'll also have a window pop up that will allow you to choose a color for the background.

Now you need text.  You'll want to keep it super simple since the finished product will just be a tiny little thing.  I chose just to use the initials of my blog, Nearly Handmade.

The giant P in the tool bar is how you add text.  Click that, choose whatever text suits you best, then click "add text".  From there, another pop up comes up so you can change the color of the text.  Remember to keep it simple!

Now you need to make it a perfect square.  Do this by clicking the top item in the tool bar (basic edits). Click the top option: Crop. Find dimensions that will give you a perfect square.  Click "Apply".  And that's it!  You'll be able to save this to your desktop!

Okay, back to getting your new Favicon onto your blog!  Go back to your Blogger Layout.  Click Edit.

"Choose File", find it on your desktop or wherever you saved it. And click save.

Now, all of that was super easy. Right?  The final and most important part of this whole process will be to clear your history!  If you don't do this, you will start to pull your hair out and drive yourself crazy.  (I certainly wouldn't know this from experience...).  While you're at it, go ahead and clear your cookies too.  Now take a look at your blog!  Is it there?  I hope so!


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