Thursday, March 28, 2013

Easter Egg Garland

I wanted to make something for the dining room for Easter.  I already had a ton of plastic eggs that I didn't really have a plan for yet.  Then, I saw a simple egg garland from a cute blog called Atkinson Drive.

I drilled holes through each end of the egg with a 1/8th drill bit.

Then, I found a box since it was too windy to just trust them to rest on paper or a cloth in the yard. Oh wait... the box still flipped over.  Luckily it was after they had plenty of time to sufficiently dry.

 I did the same for the silver eggs.

And I found a spool of stretchy gold trim to thread through each end of the egg.

Wah-la! Subtle Easter decor that I was able to do, start to finish, during nap time.

Have you found any last minute inspiration to bring a little Easter decor to your home? Or any other uses for those plastic eggs?  Ree Drummond at The Pioneer Woman made some Krispy Easter Eggs that looked good enough to eat.  I have a ton more eggs left over.  I may just have to indulge over the weekend.  Have a wonderful Thursday.


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