Thursday, May 1, 2014

[Scrap Lumber] Baby Countdown

Holy Smokes, Guys!!  49 Days until this baby's due date!  Well, by the time you're reading this, we're down to 46 days... is that possible?  Wait, let me count again... Oh, crap.  Well, it would be 46 days if I've ever made it to my due date (which I haven't)... 7 days early with our first kiddo & 10 days early with our second... Every pregnancy is different, though.  Maybe this one will decide to stay longer and give me an extra week to prepare?!  Either way, NEXT MONTH we'll add a third little mouth to feed to our family and we couldn't be more excited!!

Our oldest will be 4 in a few weeks.  She's super into countdowns, recognizing numbers, and all things baby!! So, to help her watch the days tick down until her new sibling arrives, I utilized some more scrap 2x4's to make a countdown for us!

Once I had my lumber cut down to the sizes I wanted, I painted everything with some extra white paint we had laying around.  From here, I used my Silhouette Machine to cut out numbers and letters out of card stock and used Mod Podge to glue them on.  If you don't have access to a Silhouette machine, this would be a perfect project for stickers!  Or if you have a steady hand, acrylic paint!

I had to use 3 cubes to be able to make all of the numbers work out.  Obviously each cube has 6 sides so I had to utilize a heart on each cube to be my place filler.  Honestly, figuring out what numbers I needed on each cube took me the longest.  I blame the pregnancy brain :)  So, to save you some thinking, these are the combinations you need:

Cube 1: (a heart), 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Cube 2: (a heart), 0, 1, 2, 3, 6/9
Cube 3: (a heart), 4, 5, 6/9, 7, 8

If you were really on top of things (which I'm not) it would be so fun to make a "count-up" utilizing the same method with the cubes.  Except, you would have (#) of weeks pregnant!  Then you could hold the countdown each week to document your growing belly!  I'm so envious of the girls that have it together enough to remember to take pictures of their bellies every week.  This is my second picture all pregnancy! haha You can see the first post about the baby <--there!

Okay!  So some pregnancy details:

Due Date?  June 16, 2014 (I'm almost 34 weeks along!)

Gender? We are looking forward to finding out on whichever day our little nugget decides to join us! We chose to have our previous two kiddo's genders a surprise as well and we were absolutely shocked both times!  (Our oldest is a girl and our youngest is a boy... each 24 months apart).

Have I started to show?  Uh, yes... My belly is so round! Complete strangers are now comfortable enough asking about our bun in the oven and a few even can't help but to rub my buddha belly. (I don't mind)! haha

Maternity Clothes? Definitely.  This time, I wasn't messing around.  In the past, I'd sit uncomfortable in jeans that didn't fit just to be able to not be in maternity clothes.  This time around, as soon as I had a tiny belly, I busted out all of my old maternity clothes.  It's inevitable.  So, why not get some use out of these clothes and be comfortable?!  Only took three times to learn this lesson :)

Stretch Marks? Thankfully, No!  I think it must be good genetics (thanks mom!) because with my last two kiddos, I didn't have any, either.  Fingers crossed!

Movement? Yes! Finally! This little bean is so strong that our oldest has finally seen my belly jump around and she has been able to get kicked in the face from using my giant belly as a pillow.  

Sleep? I'm still sleeping very well; I can't complain!

Labor Signs? Lots of Braxton Hicks Contractions.  I didn't notice any with our first... Only noticed some in the last couple months with our second... This time around, it's a lot more frequent!

Belly Button? It's definitely out already.

Wedding Rings? Always on.  I have been fortunate enough in the past to not swell, so hoping this baby treats me the same way.

Happy or Moody? Beyond happy!!  But kind of frantic about the endless list of things I need to accomplish before baby#3 arrives!

Cravings? Subs!  I could live off of Jersey Mikes and Jimmy Johns!  I don't have a huge sweet tooth right now, but if there are Sour Patch kids within reach, I'll eat all of them!  Oh, pizza & Mexican food are always a safe bet, too!

Siblings? Our oldest, who will be 4 when this bean arrives, is over the moon!  She loves talking to the baby and rubbing my belly.  Our youngest, who will be 2 when the baby arrives, is blissfully oblivious that he will no longer be the baby... He'll figure it out eventually!

Looking forward to? Nesting!!!!  Naps, when my two toddlers let me... And a bottle of wine in a few weeks!

Maybe I'll be back when I have a spare few minutes to fill you in on my "Nesting List" sometime next week!

If you want to see another way I used scrap lumber recently, check out these Test Tube Flower Vases!

I hope you are having a wonderful week!!  And remember, sharing is caring ;)


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  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    What a great post, Janice! I enjoyed reading all the answers to your questions :0)
    We waited to find out the sex of our 4th child . . . and wow was it hard for me!
    You look so cute!
    Thanks so much for sharing.
    Wishing you a relaxing weekend,

    1. Ah! Thanks, Suzanne! We have loved waiting and it's been a huge surprise each and every time!! It wasn't hard for me with our first because we were honestly just excited to be having a healthy baby. The sex didn't matter at all. Then, with our second, we got greedy. Since we already and a girl, we of course, would like a boy... It happened and we were SHOCKED! So, that pregnancy it was tough to wait... but definitely worth it! Now, since we have one of each, it's been easy to wait again :) I just can't wait for those baby cuddles!!!!

  2. Thanks for sharing Janice! You are so darn cute! I love your countdown cubes too!

    1. Haha thanks, LeeLee! I never take "selfies" so it's weird putting my big buddha belly in front of the camera on purpose ;) We love a good countdown around here!

  3. Very cute idea! Best wishes for you and your little one next month.

    1. Thank you so much for stopping by and for sharing my project!! It's always fun having something to countdown towards! You're the best.

  4. When I showed your bother your photo he said "What is she a model now!" Oh my gosh! You're so cute. You got the beauty from your Nani she would be so proud of you. I love the countdown cubes.
    Love Mom

  5. You look GREAT! Both of mine came a week late.. Argh! It's funny that they come when they come! It's very exciting every time though! ;)

    1. Both, myself and my brother were late for my mom... I never really appreciated what that meant until I was pregnant, myself. I have all the respect in the world for those mommas who carry their babies past their due date. You are taught one of the biggest lessons in patience so early on! I bet it makes you a better mom from the start, though ;) Thank you for stopping by! I'm so glad I discovered your little piece of the internet!

  6. Love the cubes and you look adorable! Don't worry, I think I only have one picture of my pregnant belly, taken on my due date (he was 5 days late btw, and a very large baby).

    1. hahah isn't it funny how some people are SO on top of documenting their growing belly and others are just so... forgetful? :) Whew! 5 days late!! Kudos to you, girl! I can only imagine the emotions that happen as you hit your due date... and then pass your due date. It can't be easy. Hugs to you, momma! Hope today brings fewer battles as you "deal" with your toddler! :) Just like with passing your due date, you can only take things one day at a time.

  7. This is SO ADORABLE! My sister just found out that she's pregnant and I would love to make this for her! Thank you for sharing at the Show-Licious Party! :-) Dawn @

  8. Such a good idea to use that scrap wood. We have so much of that out in the garage. My husband is a handyman junky and doesnt ever want to get rid of anything. So now I have a good idea with how to put that wood to use! Congrats on number three. Three is fun :)

  9. Congratulations and best of luck! I love the little calendar thing, that is a super cute idea! Thanks for linking it up to Snickerdoodle Sunday.

  10. So cute! This is a Friday Favorites Feature at
    Please link up something this week! Party goes live tonight! laura


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