Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Our Home Valentine Wrap-Up

Wow!  I can't believe it is nearly Valentine's Day!  I don't normally go all out for Valentine's Day.. or any holiday, other than Christmas, I suppose.. but something about bringing a few dashes of color into the house during this gloomy month seemed so appealing to me!  Plus, dare I say, I may finally be in a groove with our newborn who is hardly a newborn anymore since he will be 8 months old!

Anyway, back to how Cupid hit a few arrows into by butt and convinced me to decorate a little around here.  I've missed having a few crafts around the house that make me smile each time I walk past them.

First up, our family room mantle.  I used two Christmas stocking hooks to hold up a curtain rod.  Then I tied pieces of card stock that I placed back to back since both sides would be seen.  On one side, I left it blank.  On the other, I printed out pictures of my *loves*.  I just love walking past it and catching a glimpse of one of my sweet little babies.  Better yet, is when we have guests and I catch them walking up to examine and fawn over those adorable faces.  I even through in a few of Bryan and I.

Next up, is my kitchen mantle.  I cut out some card stock hearts and sewed them together.  Boom!  Easy Peasy Banner!  And It makes me so happy!  It was so easy, that I was able to hold my baby in one arm, feed the hearts through my sewing machine with my other hand.. and even sip some coffee. It was such a peaceful morning since the older kiddos and Bryan were playing out in the snow.  Once the banner was done, it was nap time for the little man and I was finally able to join them out there!  So worth it!

Finally, in the dining room, I made some paper mason jars to fill up my frames.  Whoop whoop! Loving all of these touches of love!

Speaking of chocolate.. I mean, what?  Yes! My mom made me and brought me this!  Does she know the way to my heart or what?  Can I tell you something kinda funny?  When I'm pregnant, I have very few cravings.  In fact, I have more food aversions than I do cravings!  But wham-bam! Once that baby is out, I NEED CHOCOLATE.  Maybe it's because I need caffeine to keep me moving?  Honestly, that's my only theory.  Anybody who has some scientific documents, I'd love to see them!  Maybe then, I could curb this addiction?  ha!  Who am I kidding!  Just keep giving me chocolate!  Thanks mom!  You did a wonderful job and it's almost too cute to eat.  Almost. 

Goodness!  How long after Valentine's Day is it acceptable to keep these hearts hanging around the house?  I just love all the love going around here!  Whether you're spending Saturday alone or with someone you're smitten with, I hope your day is fill with chocolate!  


  1. What about face-timing with some guy in Germany? He didnt send any chocolate... is that love? :)

  2. This heart garland looks perfect for valentine’s decoration. Thanks a lot for sharing these pictures here. Have been looking for popular Seattle Venues for our first anniversary. Want to give a nice surprise to Jesse.


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