Thursday, July 25, 2013

Oh, My Achin' Back!

I know a lot of blogs like to "keep it real" by showing a pair of dirty socks on their living room floor or a dirty cup in their sink.  (I can assure you that we have that and a lot more all the time).  But today, I'm keeping it real outside in our garden jungle.  Oh yes... there are just a few weeds that need pulled.

Can you spy the Labrador Retriever hiding among the shrubs?  How about a massive Hosta?  They're both in there, I promise.

So, here's a before and after shot.

And from the other side: See the giant Hosta, yet?

Here's a close up... This thing was so massive, I was afraid it could have been another weed.  Why is it that weeds grow so fast, deep rooted, & hardy?!

If you think that there's a lot of weeds missing from the before & after shot, you're right.  But just to give you a better idea, here are my trash cans.  No, there was no trash in there to begin with... Solid packed weeds!

I'm going to blame the jungle on the massive amounts of rain we have been receiving this summer... Is that a fair assessment?  The previous owners also planted a ton of awkward plants that consume the flower bed.  The worst thing they planted (throughout this flower bed and all the other flowerbeds in the yard) is Virginia Creeper.  It certainly does live up to it's name and creeps everywhere!  Also, apparently Poison Ivy is very common to grow along side Virginia Creeper so take extra precautions when removing this plant & every other weed consuming your garden.

Thankfully, (knock on wood) I don't think I get a reaction from Poison Ivy... I'll be sure to update you if I break out in hives, though!

What's your secret to keeping your flower beds in check?  There must be a better way!!


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  1. Okay girl! I need what every your I have some weeds for you over here. Great job!


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