Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Girl Room Collage Wall

So many times I do a project around the house but never take the time to blog about it.  Today, I'm gonna turn back time and show you something I did in my daughter's big girl room.

I had a lot of black frames laying around that I converted to white with a couple cans of spray paint.  I picked up a bunch of other frames from a trip to Ikea.

With the nails in the wall and the frames off the paper, rip down the paper and re-hang all the frames.  Yay!  A large collage wall that has each frame right where you want them!

P.S.  The "You are my Sunshine" Frame is a regular frame with glass that I spray painted with Chalk Board paint so I'll be able to change her little message whenever I want.  You can find a short tutorial here.

This has been one of my favorite projects for her Big Girl Room.  I shared my mom's collage wall here.  You should definitely check it if you missed it.   Have you been working on any statement pieces in your home?  Has it taken you months to finally put the stamp of "done" on a project?  Happens to me alllll the time :)


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