Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Scrap Lumber Shelves & Adapting the Work Bench

So, here's a peek into how messy our garage was before I decided, once and for all, that something had to be done!  

Then, yesterday I showed you how I built a work bench to help contain some of the disaster.  Well, I also added some shelves and hooks above the bench.

I only used scrap wood that we had in the basement so this project not only helped to use up some clutter elsewhere, but helped with the clutter in the garage, too!  I used anything that resembled a 1x6 for the actual shelf.  The support triangles were the scrap lumber from building the stairs for the club house.  

I started off by using a stud finder to... find the studs... in the walls....  Then, I used a 3 inch screw to start it in the triangle and finished it into the stud.

I placed the shelf on top of the triangle with a level across it.  Once I was happy with the little bubble, I went ahead and attached the other triangle to the wall, too.  This eliminated the need to draw straight lines on the walls and do extra math.  I'm all about doing the least amount of work possible.

I used four 1 5/8"screws through the top of the shelf directly into the triangles.

The other update I had to do to this part of the garage was to fix the giant gap between the work bench and the wall.  Can I just tell you how many screws I lost down in that dark abyss?  A lot!  

Here's a beautifully blurry Iphone picture to let you see my pain:

So here's a breakdown of how I fixed my work bench enemy.

Wow.  So much better!  So, if you have a work bench at home (or maybe one you just got done building) and it doesn't sit flush against the wall, don't suffer!  Fix that up!

All is right in that little corner of the garage, now!  

If you're wondering, those cute little hooks can be found at Lowe's and Home Depot for just under $2 each.  Every organized space in the garage needs one many, many.  I have some more hooks to share on the other side of the garage tomorrow!  Very excited to see this transformation out there!

Have you been working on getting your garage kicked into high gear?   Or maybe another spot in your house that needed some major TLC?  

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