Monday, July 15, 2013

Garage Goodies

 I promised a bigger picture of how the garage is turning out after attempting to once and for all get this area organized (or at least until the next big project wrecks this place).

Oh, this dreaded before shot... Obviously we don't normally live with a pile of lumber in the center of our garage.  However, we did somehow manage to live without a single hook on the wall!  If you're living in a hook-less garage, stop the madness!

Here's a glamour shot of the work bench I built.  You can find details for that here.  The shelves above it are here.

It was basically my end goal to get everything humanly possible up, off the floor.  This will make it so much easier to sweep out.  Plus, we won't have to worry about any car fluids (like rain or snow melting) dripping off of the car and onto our stuff.

I moved the wire shelving unit from the other side of the garage.  It used to hold a lot of junk (surprise, surprise).  Now, I have more of my gardening supplies handy.  Maybe this will encourage me to garden more?  Probably not.  But this sure does make it more appealing!

I have one more exciting reveal up my sleeve for this garage that I'm excited to share soon....

What have you been organizing lately?


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