Monday, July 22, 2013

Card & Sign Making

My parents have been married 30 years today.  That is such an accomplishment to have been able to keep the peace, love, and all of their goals at the forefront of their lives.  Since 30 years is kind of a big deal, I painted them up a little banner that they were able to wake up to on their porch (hanging curtsy of my little brother, thank you!!)

The banner was just an evening project.  I purchased 2 yards of muslin from Jo-Ann's and just free-handed the letters.  My best advice when making any sort of sign is to open up a word document and find a font that you like.  Then, type out how you want everything to look.  Ya, I don't have a memory bank of word fonts.  I definitely cheat. 

My other evening project was whipping up some cards.  I obviously needed one for my parent's anniversary, but I'm all about doing a few extra things now so I don't have to worry about them later.  Hence, the birthday cards.  I have a few favorite people that are celebrating birthdays in July and August so while I had all of my crafting materials out, I used the same design as my parent's anniversary card and made birthday cards too. 

A lot of times, I download a card from the Silhouette Store, but that particular night I was feeling a little adventurous and came up with my own design.  This card is for a 5x7 and is very simple to make it bulk.  I made 4 cards and only 8 pieces of card stock.

You should be able to download this design into your Silhouette Studio.  I have the file available here.

Let me know if it works!  


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  1. Thank you Janice! I have been so blessed starting with your father and two wonderful children. Knowing that you have a wonderful husband and then my sweet grand babies and looking forward to more. Praying your brother finds the same kind of love.


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