Thursday, September 12, 2013

Talking About September 11th with Kids [Free Printable]

It's bizarre to think about September 11th happening 12 years ago.  To almost all of us, the day seems like just yesterday with vivid memories of where we were and how we remember things happening.  For me, I was still in high school.  My kids will never have to understand the weight of that day first hand.  I will never understand the magnitude of Pearl Harbor but it is so important to learn about it and appreciate the sacrifices that were made that day as much as September 11th.  Okay, so what am I trying to say?  It's up to us to teach the next generation about September 11th and the attacks on our country.

Obviously, you can't have a full history lesson about that day with a three year old... but you have to start somewhere.  So, I felt it was important to talk about what happened just briefly with our little girl.  I made her a coloring page to keep her entertained while I talked.

Did you share your September 11th story this year?  I'm very thankful for all the men and women serving this wonderful country and praying for all those still suffering from the loss of those on September 11th.


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