Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Quick Fix for Scratched Wood Furniture

So our living room coffee table is only a couple years old.  We still love the look and design, but something started to happen to it about a year ago.  It started getting these really ugly spots where the finish was coming off on the top.  Some of us believe this is from not using coasters.  Others believe it's from just normal wear and tear (and having two kids!) The table still looked great from a distance but once you got up close you could see all of these terrible spots:

Just recently while I was at Lowe's, I came across the Homex wood stain markers.  I found it next to the wood putty!  I knew these existed but I just wasn't sure it would solve our problem.  I was also hesitant that I would be able to find a color to match our table.

I was pleasantly surprised how easy this marker was to use and how it blended into the table almost flawlessly!  

It was super simple to use! Just shake the marker, "prime it" by pressing down on the tip several times until you can see the stain on the tip.  Then draw over the scratches on your furniture.  Don't be too worried if it looks much darker than the actual piece of furniture.  As with all stains, it'll appear very dark until you use a clean cloth to wipe up any excess stain.  

Since our table has a "distressed" look to begin with, practically any dark color would work easily.  If you have a more solid colored piece of furniture, test the marker color on a scratch that won't drive you crazy if you see it (like while you're dusting baseboards on your hands and knees).  Even if you have to purchase a couple different colors, you'll still be leaps and bounds ahead of the game instead of buying a whole new table!

Do you use these stain markers?  If so, why didn't you tell me!? ;)  I'm definitely sold on them and that's why I wanted you to know, too!


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