Tuesday, September 10, 2013

So Many Scattered Projects

Are you the type of person who is able (and loves) to read about a half a dozen novels all at the same time?  You might read one while you're eating breakfast and another before you fall asleep at night.  Well, I'm not that type of person.  It makes me feel scattered and spread too thin.

I have that feeling though right now but it's because of too many projects around the house!  Let me tell you about a few.

You may remember me telling you about the kid's bathroom?  Well, we worked on baseboards... We got those painted, nailed to the walls, covered the nail holes, sanded, & painted them again.  We also painted the ceiling in there as well as the walls themselves.  (I just did the second coat of paint on the walls yesterday!)

Seems like things are moving along but just taking forever!  I still need to pick out new faucets that won't break the bank, towel & toilet paper rods, we need to figure out the lighting situation, put up a new exhaust fan & switches, plus, I'd like to re-do the vanity... It'll get done eventually.

On top of working in the kid's bathroom, we also decided it was a great time to cut down 8 more of our trees.  Yes, they're dead... Yes, we're planting new ones as fast as we possibly can.  In fact, we have two sitting in pots that are dying to get planted.

Here's where we took out 8 trees:

Unfortunately, I didn't take a before picture because we were running on limited time and needed to get right to work.  But, I did dig up a picture from this blog post to give you somewhat of an idea of how dead these trees really were!

In fact, they were so dry when we cut them down, we were able to stack the wood in the garden and we built fires to get rid of some wood and to level the tree stumps.

We had 5 fires going at the same time.  Bryan was a sweaty, dirty mess.  I helped when I could but like I said above, I was working on putting the second coat of paint in the kid's bathroom during their nap time.  Then, entertaining and keeping the kids away from the fires the other part of the day!

Another bit of good news, our oven stopped working while Bryan was deployed and we finally got around to fixing that, too!  Bryan replaced the valve and it's as good as new!  That's just one of those things that only takes an hour or two out of your day, but it takes so much energy to put off doing everything else on the list just to focus on that, instead.

Our lives are quickly becoming a jumbled, home ownership, beautiful mess.  We're working hard and loving the rewards.  Not necessarily the work behind it.

And since I decided to take my reading example above literally, I'm off to add another project to my list and pick up my book again!  But only one at a time.

Do you feel like you're racing the clock all day long?  Can you believe the weather (should) be cooling down soon & our days are getting even shorter?  I'm looking forward to when we'll be able to slow down and enjoy this work we've done.  Maybe with some more s'mores!


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