Monday, August 12, 2013

Tree Stump Tic-Tac-Toe

If you can remember back to this post where we built the swing set and club house, you'll remember that we left a big tree stump coming up through the center of the fort floor.

Here's what the inside of the fort looks like with the tree stump:

Well, we finally got around to making it into a tic-tax-toe board.

I drew out my lines with a pencil and a straight edge, then painted over them with some leftover rustoleum that I used for our garage entrance door

I knew I didn't want to spend a bunch of time making special tic-tac-toe pieces that would just end up scattered around the yard and hit by the lawn mower...

The kiddos will be able to use their creativity to come up with pieces they find in the yard like flowers, pine cones, rocks, and so much more. 

Did you have any fun game nights over the weekend? We had a game night on Saturday where we played one of our favorites called sequence. It's basically like tic-tac-toe with more strategy.

What are some of your favorite board games?


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