Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Car Maintenance Board

Bryan, my husband, has been wanting one of these ever since he saw one very similar to this one in my dad's garage. Of course since I've been busy trying to beautify and organize his garage, his car maintenance board had to be the same!

I measured out my spaces and used a permant marker and a straight edge to make my grid. 

Then, I was able to use my silhouette machine to make the letters out of vinyl. This way it's mostly permant but gives us the flexibility of adding a different vehicle.

So now Bryan's happy because he finally has his board and I'm happy because it's as cute as a car maintenance board could be.

Any more exciting garage organizing projects? I'd love to see them.  Send them my way.


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  1. Taking tabs on the maintenance and repairs done on your car will help you determine when to have them again, and also prepares you for the costs. This way, you will never again forget when to change oil, brake pads, and any other parts that needed replacement or repair. A simple thing to do, but will ensure that your car is going to be well taken care of. Good job!
    Tom @ European Auto Body


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