Thursday, August 22, 2013

My [Sandy] Little Secret

What a whirl-wind! Somewhere around 1,800 driving miles round-trip, we are finally home!  Did I mention we had two gremlins in the back seat along for the ride?

So where'd we go?  We went on an amazing post-deployment vacation!  We met up with some of our dearest friends at their beautiful home in North Carolina then continued our vacation with them in  Charleston, South Carolina where we were just a very short drive from the Isle of Palms.

The beaches were wonderful, the water was great, and of course the company was the best part.  After 4 nights in Charleston, it was time to part ways with them and we continued our vacation down to Fernandina Beach on Amelia Island in Florida.  

I can't say enough about Amelia Island.  Who knew this place existed?!  There are very few hotels there (I think we read there are about 1,000 rooms total on the whole island).  Beach houses line the coast.  Some were extraordinary, others were just little beach shacks.  Overall, the beaches were nearly empty.  This probably had something to do with it being the first week back to school in most areas, but it was glorious, either way!

Our other big excursion, and it was just a day trip, was over to Cumberland Island National Seashore.  Here, we were literally almost completely alone on the beach (we could see 2 little dots that we assume were people about a mile down the beach).  The sand, sun, and water was amazing as well.

We spent 5 nights on Amelia Island and we decided to cut our vacation short by 2 days...  Why?

3 out of the 4 of us ended up with terrible colds! (Fingers crossed I stay healthy!)  There's not much worse than being sick while away from home so we decided to make the big push home early and make the drive from Amelia Island to Ohio in just one day.  It really was the best decision.  And I'm saying this after we're already home so we have all survived and have lived to tell about it.

I'll be back Monday with some more details from the vacation!  Plus the best place we found to eat on Amelia Island!  (You know vacations are 50% sun and 50% food, right?)

I'm back to wiping noses!

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