Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Stepping Stones & Garden Update

I painted a few stepping stones for the vegetable garden so I could actually reach the tomatoes. 

Stepping stones are cheap (less than $2) and I just use regular acrylic craft paint which is very inexpensive at any craft store. Believe it or not, that paint holds up great on the stepping stones all year round with no sealant or anything. 

So here's the progress on the garden! Lots of veggies to pick and eat. It has been wonderful!

For one last stepping stone idea, find and print the silhouette of your home state, trace it on the stone and paint your address inside to give yourself a nice memory.

I've had these outside for a couple of years, even through blazing summers and harsh winters. When we move, we can take them with us and add another. They also make wonderful gifts!!

Those are the 3 states/homes we lived in before our current one :) I can't tell you how many compliments we get from them. 

Anyone else excited for cheap and easy garden decorations?  Has your garden been producing a great crop this year? My parent's is amazingly out of control!



  1. I really want to have a garden someday! Perhaps, we'll figure out where we're going to live and stay put for a bit! Although, it looks like you guys have had your fair share of moves as well! Love the stepping stones!

    1. Thanks!! Yes, my husband is a pilot in the Air Force so the first couple years of our marriage we moved often. Now that we have settled down and will be in this house for several years, I'm itching to move! Haha I hope your move went smoothly and everyone is transitioning well :) ps. You should totally try a small garden next year. I was never into any sort of gardening until I finally had one and now I'm out there checking on it several times a day. Haha it's rewarding in such a different way!


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