Thursday, August 1, 2013

A Spotless Shower

We have a tile and glass surround shower that we custom built.  The greatest challenge is keeping the tile, grout, and glass clean.  The upkeep is very minimal as long as you take the 2 minutes after every shower to squeegee the glass. (You can find the squeegee we have, here.)  I never thought I'd want a shower that I couldn't just walk out of and continue my day, but this hasn't really put a damper on my day.  Maybe it's because our shower is so beautiful now? :)

Well, my other weapon of choice to keep this place spick and span is to keep a dishwashing wand in there filled with the only approved cleaning solution that our glass company endorses.  
I was skeptical of this cleaning solution at first... "I can use this on the glass?  And it won't get all foggy? AND I can use this on the tile, too?" It seemed too good to be true.  But it wasn't, at all!

So I keep that little dishwashing wand filled up with Lysol Basin, Tub, & Tile Cleaner.   The biggest downfall of filling it with a liquid instead of a soap as it's intended, is that the liquid likes to just spill out of the sponge.  To solve this problem, you need to keep the wand upright.  I simply looped a zip tie around it so I could hang it on the squeegee hook.  Once a week, as soon as I get in the shower I scrub it all down, glass, tile, everything!  And rinse it off as I'm showering.  Then, of course, squeegee it when I'm finished!

The best part of our little wall that we have in our shower is that it's kept hidden from view if you're just walking into the bathroom.  

So, if you want to have a spotless shower, try using a dishwashing wand!  And I'd highly recommend the cleaning solution, as well!


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