Friday, August 30, 2013

Friday Find: Kid's Bathroom Ideas

I left you last time with the sneak peak of what has been consuming our time the last two days.  Well, I'm happy to report that we are done tiling and grouting.  Unfortunately, the really "fun stuff" is yet to come.  You know, putting baseboards back up, painting the walls, changing out the exhaust fan, lights, faucets....

Martha Stewart suggested sewing a loop of ribbon to a towel to help kids hang them up.  This could be a great idea for the long wall in our bathroom?!

Martha Stewart
I'm also loving this rolling towel for their bathroom, too.  It could be long enough that they could reach it, and it's semi-permanent so there wouldn't be hand towels laying all over the counter.  Making the rod easily removable will allow easy washing and replacing.

Martha Stewart
Another genius idea is to add a station for each kid so they know exactly where their stuff is and will be at a height that they can reach everything on their own.

Clean & Scentsible

So many thoughts and ideas are racing through my head and I'm just excited to get a move-on with this bathroom!  Unfortunately, today is yard work day so these ideas are being put on the back burner until we get a little more free time, again!

Huge thank you to Gigi (my mom) for watching the kids for two nights so we were able to complete the tiling!  It's such a relief having that portion done!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  Any big plans?



  1. Nice. I love all the towel ideas. Can't wait to see it when it's done. I loved having the kids. What day can I have them next week?


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