Thursday, April 11, 2013

Spring Cleaning: The Garage

We carried our productivity from the lumber jack party into our week and knocked out the garage.  It definitely needs more work to make it pretty, but the purging and general "this goes with this so this should go there" kinda stuff is almost done.  It was just clean enough to be able to pull our car in there.  Okay, so here's our before:

The lovely during always looks worse than the before.  It could have been way more impressive if I would have just made this the before picture.  But then, you might think of me differently... Even though you probably already do by now :)

Uh yeah... who needs this many different strollers?  Michelle Duggar from 19 kids and counting, perhaps... I would really love to find some inexpensive way to hang these on a wall in the garage for easy access and compact storage.

Finally, I bring you to this.  Our after.  It definitely needs something to make it a little more welcoming and cheerful.  For now, it's a huge improvement for us and we're thrill to be able to cross yet another task off our list!

Any more things getting crossed off your list?  We have a ton more to do.  Unfortunately most of them are outside and spring is having a hard time sticking around these parts.

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