Monday, April 22, 2013

Specimen Cloud Art

Specimen art may or may not have been "so yesterday" but I have a perfect frame to use and I still love it.  So here we go!

I have this old frame from Target that my husband actually bought me years ago while we were still dating.  It has 4 different panes of glass with one having a really nice frosted and striped gig going on.
Err, and yeah... don't forget to take a little Windex to this bad boy before you start!  Yikes!
Cut out your little shapes (I used my silhouette machine this time) but these shapes are easy enough to free hand.  I like to use card stock and just hot glue the shape right to the glass.  When I'm done with that shape I just peel it right off and toss them so I can come up with something new for next time.  Photo squares would work really well, too.  I then just randomly placed the clouds on different panes of glass to give it more of a 3d effect.  Slap a sun in the corner spot to remind yourself that it's out there somewhere and you have yourself an almost free, spring time art for your end table.

Did you have a good weekend? Any big or little projects?

I mentioned that my parents were working on their hardwood floors on Friday.  Somehow they were able to work their tails off to get this after photo:

Amazing, right?  This room is huge! 17x26!  A few baseboards slapped up and this room will be in business.  They deserve a huge pat on the back... or a massage!


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