Monday, April 8, 2013

Lumber Jack Party

Oh, this weekend was a long one.  My husband and four of his buddies took down ten of our trees that became infected by the Emerald Ash Borer and died.   

Saturday, everyone came over.  The guys started playing with power tools while the girls caught up and then eventually went shopping for Kentucky Derby hats and picked up pizza.  We had only a small amount of success since we couldn't decide what we wanted to do with them.  But we have the hats themselves so it's a start!  Guess we'll have to get together again :)

More destruction.  We all decided that taking down the trees was the best part.  Cleaning it all up was kinda terrible.  On the second day I helped a lot more with breaking branches and burning as much as we could.

This is the tree everyone was most proud of.  It is terribly close to the house and they managed to lay it down right where they wanted it to.

Nothing (but the tree) was harmed!  Success!

We fed everyone pizza Saturday night and then proceeded to enjoy our evening around the campfire telling too many old stories.  Somehow, we tricked everyone to come back out Sunday afternoon to finish the job.  Three more trees came down, homemade chili was had by all, and all the wood got sorted and tossed aside until it can be better stacked.

It was an amazing weekend with amazing friends.  We are so glad and thankful we were able to make as much progress as we did.  Unfortunately, more trees will need to come down but we're not even thinking about that until fall.

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