Thursday, March 6, 2014

Super Simple Green Mantle

I wanted to share with you my very simple Green Mantle with you today, but first:

Today is my mom's "25th" birthday... again.  I've lost track of how many times she has turned 25 but I'm now officially 3 years older than my mother.  It kinda sounds like one of those brain teasers... but really, my mom is still young at heart.   

My husband and I were able to escape for the last 4 nights.  We went to Canada for a little getaway.  It was glorious!  Who else could keep up with two toddlers and two labrador retrievers for 4 nights?  Only a 25 year old grandmother.  That's who.

So, Happy 25th Birthday, Mom!  You can now rent a car!  And have a great relationship with your grand babies :)  Thank you for letting us get away!

This mantle was so simple to throw together and I'm really enjoying the lack of clutter that comes with Spring.  Several weeks ago, my mom, the kids, and I made a road trip to Ikea where i was able to find these cute white planters as well as the plants themselves!

My mom is constantly coming up with cute crafts and she recently made me the St. Patrick's Day canvas subway art that is sitting on the left corner of the mantle. I just love it.

The picture frame turned into chalkboard tutorial can be found here.

Are you looking forward to Spring as much as I am?  We still have a little snow on the ground here in Ohio and it was bitterly cold up in Canada while we were there.  I'll share some of the great places we ate during our trip up North, soon.  The vacation was 99% about eating because well... what else do you do when you're entering into your third trimester?! :)


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  1. Yeah! The plants still look great. I love the mantle. I don't know how you do it everyday, your Super Mom!


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