Tuesday, March 4, 2014

A Simple Improvement For Any Closet

Everybody has a space in their house that could use a little organization.  In my case, there are several... in fact, I think every single closet has become a dumping ground this winter.  I decided to tackle one of our closets.

Several weeks ago, I attempted to organize this closet a little better by simply removing a dozen pairs of shoes.  Some got thrown away because they were so worn, they would never get any use again.  Others, made their way upstairs since they were out of season and wouldn't be used with the snow on the ground anyway.  The shoes stayed neat and lined up for about 14 hours...

Something more drastic had to be done.  We have had wire shelves in our master bedroom closet that I removed a couple years ago to install wooden organizers.  I kept the wire shelves "just incase" and have since used a few throughout our home.  Fortunately, I had one left and decided to make use of it in our shoe closet by our garage.

The toughest part was sawing through the shelves to make them fit the new space.  But once they were to size, it took just a few minutes to add the hanging hardware.  This simple fix has made getting out of the house so much faster, especially with the kids not having to dig through a pile of random shoes to find their own.

This was a free solution to give our closet a little improvement that we will benefit from for years to come.  Have you considered putting shelves down low in a closet to utilize that once empty, disorganized space?



  1. Adding shelves to the bottom is a BRILLIANT and easy idea! Pinning and hope to be doing soon! ;)

    1. I always love when you share! :) Thanks again for stopping by!


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