Thursday, June 20, 2013

Swing Set Lumber List

So I have mentioned in a couple of posts now that we've been spending some time working on building a play set... We originally found inspiration from Carmel who writes a great little blog called OurFifthHouse.  Well, we sill have the stairs to build and an additional swing to purchase, but here's the play set!

If you're interested in building your own, here is what we ended up purchasing for all of our lumber:

For the swing structure:
(2) 6"x6"x10' --vertical structures
(1) 4"x6"x12' --horizontal beam
(6) 1/2x6" Galvanized Lag Screws --to assemble the swing set unit
Scrap 2"x6" to add extra support on front and back between horizontal and vertical pieces
(3) Playset Heavy Duty Swing Hangers with included hardware
6 feet of extra straight link chain to lengthen the swings
2 play swings, 1 baby swing

For the supports of the play house:
(3) 4"x4"x10' --3 support feet (the fourth leg is the 6"x6" used for the swings)
(8) 2"x8"x8' --joists

For the actual deck floor:
(15) 2"x6"x8'
(1) 2"x4"x8'
(1) 2"10"x8'
6 pounds of 3-1/2" Coated Deck Screws

We are going to carve or paint a tic-tac-toe board into the top of the tree stump so the kiddos can find pine cones, rocks, twigs, etc. to use as their game pieces.  We may eventually make a table top with a checkered board, too.

For the fence around the deck:
(17) 1"x6"x6' --Picket fence posts cut in half to give use (33) 3 foot posts around the deck.
(8) 2"x4"x8'  --two rows around the deck to attach the fence posts
(3) 1"x4"x8' --to finish up the top of the fence
(2) 4"x4" --to allow for the openings for the slide and stairs
2 pounds of 1-1/4"Coated Deck Screws

Hopefully we'll be able to give detailed instructions in a future post on how we constructed and attached the stairs & hand rail very soon.

For the stairs:
(1) 4"x4"x10' --to support the handrail and to attach the stairs to the ground
(2) 2"x10"x8' --to cut out the stair stringers
(1) 2"x8"x10' --to cut each stair step.

For the hand rail:

(1) 1"x4"x8'
(2) 2"x4"x8'

Miscellaneous Items:
(10) 80lb bags of Quikrete
(2) .5cu ft bags of all purpose stone
(1) green slide
(3) 5/16"x3"Galvanized Carriage Bolts & Nuts --attach the slide to decking
3/8x5" galvanized lag screws
5/16x4" galvanized lag screws

So far this monstrosity has been a HUGE hit with the kiddos!  I'm so excited to share the final details with you later!


Do you wan to see the first phase of building?  You can find that here: Building the Swing Set

You can find some more details here: Finishing Touches for the Swing Set Club House

Check out what we did with the tree stump: Tree Trunk Tic-Tac-Toe


  1. I was wondering how deep the holes were for the 6 X 6 posts?
    Also, did you use concrete tubes around those posts?
    Thanks so much for the plans by the way! Using them to build a playset for my 3 kids.

    1. We used an auger to dig the holes 3 feet deep. Then, we put in pebbles, the post, and filled it all with quikcrete. We used a spud bar to really pack everything in tight. We did not use concrete tubes. If you have any other questions, feel free to email me at nearlyhandmade AT gmail DOT com. Your kids will love this swing set :) Ours do!

  2. Is there any chance you have a price tag total for all this??? Love this set and plan on building it for our kiddos but need to know what we're getting ourselves into financially. Hope you can give us a ballpark maybe???

    1. We spent right around $500 for the materials for our playset. We really went back and forth on buying a premade wooden set but the quality of those can be pretty questionable. Plus for something the size we built, it would have been way more expensive! It was nice being able to pick out each individual piece of wood. One part that we spent way more than expected was the brackets to hold the swings. Honestly, those are overkill for a child's playset so you could easily use a less expensive attachment. Be sure to use treated lumber and don't seal or stain it until the lumber has had time to dry out.

      If you have any other questions, don't hesitate to email me!



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