Monday, June 17, 2013

Swing Set Surprise

It has been unacceptably long since I have last updated!  So much has happened recently that I was just too preoccupied to hop on the old blog.  For shame!

First of all, the hubby is home from a 37 day "adventure".... Ah yes, now I remember why I haven't been blogging. Bryan enjoys taking up all of my spare time; and I truly enjoy filling that role.  Well, in our spare time we have definitely had the projects rolling.

I rarely let my husband rest.  We also cut down another tree.

And we dug some really deep holes in our yard.

And thankfully my parents let us borrow their power auger.

So, what are we working on?  I know you guessed a swing set!  The kiddos are going to love it!  I think we're going to love it, too!  I'll be back tomorrow to share more details.  We're building as fast as we can so that we can stop getting pestered by our little girl and so we can finally relax for a while.  (Is there really such a thing around here?)


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