Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Find

As I prepare to get some vegetables in the ground, I'm trying to do my homework.  Gardening does not come naturally to me.  I wish it did, but it's really like an overwhelming foreign language.  I'd much rather pick a paint color, put it on the wall, and say, "Yup... that's what I expected to happen."  With gardening, there are too many variables.  Soil condition, weather, plants, bugs, diseases...  I guess it's going to have to just be a trial and error process.

Well, in my search for vegetable garden information, I came across this set of charts that break down which vegetables do best hanging out next to each other.  I'm going to attempt to plant my veggies as close to this chart that I can, but I'm not making any promises.  Who knows what's going to happen once I start digging around in that dirt.

Download the full Companion Planting Chart Here by My Square Foot Garden
Do you try to plant your vegetables with companions?  Do you notice any differences?  What's your favorite combination?


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