Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Building a Vegetable Garden

Just checking in really quick to let you know that we've been taking advantage of this beautiful weather by being outside the entire day.  It's been wonderful.  My little brother came over to help me with a little yard work.  He did a great job getting this stubborn fire started and keeping it going all day to burn more tree stumps.  

While he was working on the fire, I was tilling up this flower bed on the side of the house which will hopefully be full of vegetables soon!  I've never had a vegetable garden before (of course, my mom has) so I'll be leaning heavily on her knowledge to figure out what to do.

I've also come across a website called  I think it might be helpful because you can plug in your zip code and what vegetables you want to have in your garden then it will give you a list of when to get your plants in the ground and even a detailed instruction sheet on how and where to plant them in your plot.  If you're tight on space, or you're not ready to start an in-the-ground vegetable garden, they also give you instructions for how to grow each particular vegetable in a container, too.

I'm looking forward to keeping you updated on this new adventure!  If you have any tips or tricks, please let me know!

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