Thursday, February 28, 2013

Bathroom Renovation: Part Two

Demolition. We were never so happy to see this bathroom go.  Then, reality set in.  We need to put this all back together again.  My parents have always said that any good renovation will take twice as long as you'd expect and cost twice as much as anticipated.  This was certainly true with our master bath.

Bryan had to remove the shower in smaller sections because the doorway was too small.  Plus, there wasn't any easy way to get the shower pan up.  This was such a dusty, dirty process.

Piece by piece we were able to remove the shower stall.

You can see here where we ripped up the linoleum floor throughout and a big chunk of the shower stall that was cut out.

Finally, the shower stall is gone.  We also took down all of the drywall on the far wall so that we could install insulation between the bathroom and the bedroom on the other side of the wall.

Here's a better view of the wall we removed and all of the dry wall that was taken down to be able to install insulation.  Uh, yeah... just ignore me.  We were only able to work at night because of our lovely toddler who insisted on helping and we just had a baby!  He was literally 5 weeks old when we decided to start demolition.  Was this the smartest thing we ever did?  Probably not... but at least he wasn't mobile yet so we didn't have two helpers!

This is just a refresher of where there used to be a wall... and how it's missing finally gone.  We ended up extending the "blue square" to be larger extending further into the vanity.  The wall was taken out all the way up to where the mirror hangs above the vanity.  Much better!

The wall was taken all the way out up to the arrows.

Just look back into that dark cave!  It's so dark and dreary!  It is such an improvement just to have the studs exposed and all of the dry wall gone. 

One last shot of the demolition before we have to start putting it back together again.  It was about at this point that I was thinking... maybe that terrible bathroom wasn't so bad after all.... Oh no... It's too late, isn't it?

We'll start putting things back together again in Part Three!


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