Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Bathroom Renovation: Part One

Oh my! This bathroom! It's perfectly functional.  Just... not very functional for us.  We almost didn't buy this house because of this bathroom.  It was that bad.  Well, I guess it wasn't the bathroom itself... it was mostly the shower.  You'll see what I'm talking about! Keep scrolling!

The blue painters tape was just from me daydreaming.  I put that up trying to imagine what it would look like to not have a wall there anymore!  Can you see that beautiful window above the tub? It's quite large.. you just can't see the whole thing from this angle. Anyway, I was wanting all of that natural light to be able to hit every inch of that bathroom.  Including the shower. (You should have seen my husband's face as I'm explaining how I want walls to be taken down!)

Looking in from the doorway from the master bedroom.

This is still from the doorway of the master bedroom just looking at the right side.
A peek into the "toilet & shower room"
Shower is back directly across from toilet
That area is so incredibly dark.  The only source of light is from a small exhaust fan that only works so/so.  The first thing we did when we moved in, was remove the door that went to that little cubby.  There just wasn't enough room back there to be using that door and getting in & out of the shower.

View from the shower/toilet "room"
The door on the left leads to our master bedroom.  The door on the right is our linen closet.  Again, the shower is back to my right as I'm taking the picture and the toilet is on my left.

The dreaded shower
Ahh... Here she blows!  The shower.  Fiberglass.  Dirty.  Small. None of these words even do this shower justice.  Don't worry!  It'll get better!  Promise!

You must be so excited to see that get ripped out! I know I am!


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