Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Home Address Number Growth Chart with Paint Chips

On Monday, I showed you the new Time Zone Bathroom Art but there was another project lurking in the corner that you weren't able to see from the photos.  I'm sure everyone has seen a billion growth charts all over Pinterest.  Well, our kiddo's bathroom wouldn't be complete without one!  Before ripping out the vinyl flooring and replacing it with tile, and before we painted the walls, we simply just marked right on the wall the kid's growth progress.  It was a fine temporary solution, but we don't plan on living here forever, so I wanted something we would be able to take with us easily.

This project took just one evening to complete.  I painted a board white with some left over paint.  Then, I used paint chips to make my hash lines for every inch.  I cut out the lines with my silhouette machine, but you could easily do it the old fashioned way, too!  Once I glued down all of the lines with Mod Podge, I attached brushed silver home address numbers for every foot.

To hang, I found 1 foot off the ground and started the board there, also I pre-planned to have the top of the board level with the top of the door frame.  We staggered three long screws directly through the board into a stud.  I didn't putty over them just touched up the head of the screw with a little white paint to blend it in.  Like I said above, we're taking this baby with us when we move, so it was important to make sure it was easy to remove.   

We measure our kiddos on their half birthday each year.  We don't do anything more than measure them, but it turns it into a special occasion. Their actual birthday is just too crazy and it wouldn't be until months later that we remember to line them up.

Have you jumped into the growth chart craze, yet?  I just love them!  Especially since they can all be so different and personalized!



  1. What a fabulous idea. It looks amazing! I'm so thrilled that I found your blog, it's truly inspiring!


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