Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Saving Money on Eye Ware & Contacts

I went to the eye doctor yesterday and if there's one thing I've learned (or learned from my parents) it's that typically if you buy your glasses or contacts directly from your doctor, you will pay so much more than necessary. With the wonderful world wide web, it's super easy to find a great deal now.  All you have to do, is ask your eye doctor for a print out of your prescription.  In the past, I felt like my doctor would give an extra push to buy glasses and contacts from him.  Today, it went so well.  So, give it a try next time you're ready to order new eye ware.  It's not as scary as you might think!
So, where did I find my deals today?  My first was from Coastal.  With this site, you're able to get your first pair of glasses for "free"!  Now, nothing in life is ever really free, so of course you'll need to pay shipping, handling, & insurance.  But, $15.20 for a pair of prescription glasses is a great deal!

Now, you would probably assume if they're offering such an amazing deal on glasses, their contacts would be just as reasonable.  And believe me, I'm sure they are far less expensive than buying them directly from your Optometrist, but you can do better! gave me a quote of $209.95 with free shipping for a year's supply of contacts. Not bad, but like I said... we can do better!

After a bit of looking around and using the Google Shopping tool, I was able to find a site that I haven't heard of before.  Replace My Contacts turned out to be something I wouldn't have expected.  Apparently, they are passing the savings to their customers by not having commercials all over TV.  I'm okay with that!

$178.00 total with free shipping and no hidden fees!  Of course, it's always a little scary ordering from a website that you've never heard of,  but with a little extra homework, you can assure you're not about to get scammed.  Always look for a BBB accreditation and something extra that Google provided was a free protection plan of their own since they list it as one of their trusted stores.

If I run into a problem with my order, Google will help me get everything resolved!  What could be better?

For just a smidge over $200, I was able to get a year's worth of contacts as well as a pair of glasses!  I couldn't be more excited for these two shipments to come in!


Of course, this is not a paid post.  Google, Coastal, & Replace My Contacts have no idea who I am.  I'm just wanting to share a little money saving information with you!  I can't guarantee these websites will be the best deal when you go searching for your particular brands.  I'm just suggesting that doing a little shopping can you save you more than you think possible!

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