Monday, September 16, 2013

DIY Emergency Car Kit

September is National Emergency Preparedness Month.  It's a great time to make sure you have enough extra water in your home, fresh batteries on hand for all of your flashlights, a battery operated weather radio with am/fm capabilities, as well as plenty of non-perishable food.

While it's incredibly important to be prepared and self-sufficient during an emergency at home... What happens if you're away from home when an emergency strikes?

Having an Emergency Car Kit doesn't have to cost very much but can give you peace of mind and possibly make a bad situation more comfortable.  I gathered several things up from around the house and placed them all into a 16qt sterilite container that can get tossed either in a trunk or just the backseat of your car.

When the weather becomes very cold, I like to include emergency blankets as well as a traditional blanket.  Our family hates wearing winter coats while we're driving in a car so I try really hard to make sure I toss some in the backseat before every time we leave but if worse comes to worse, we would at least have some blankets to snuggle up with.

Another big item to keep in your car is a flashlight!  I don't include a flashlight in my emergency car kit below because we like to keep one in the center console.  It's amazing how often a little (but powerful) flashlight can get used on a regular basis.

      1. Baby Food Pouches
      2. Tuna Pouches
      3. Winter Hats for everyone in our family
      4. Food for our dogs, Leif & Soma
      5. Gatorade Powder
      6. Cliff Bars
      7. Winter Hats for everyone in our family
      8. Diapers & Wipes
      9. Toilet Paper
      10. Lighter
      11. Purell Hand Sanitizer
      12. Hand and Foot Warmers
      13. Dry Wipes that can be moistened with water
      14. H2O!  You can never have enough water, but 6 bottles seemed like a good start for our family of 2 adults & 2 toddlers.
                       ** Don't forget to have a flashlight some where in your vehicle

I keep the food and water inside gallon zip-loc bags.  They could be great for any sort of trash, waste, as well as a hundred other uses.

The final thing I like to include in our vehicle preparedness kit is a simple drawstring bag.  I wad it up and toss it inside the container with the other supplies.  It's an easy way to make the emergency car kit more mobile if the unfortunate situation arises.

Have you better prepared yourself this month for an emergency?  What other items would you include in your kit? 


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